Episode 17

The four day week is your biggest differentiator when hiring, with Joe O'Connor


January 23rd, 2023

45 mins 51 secs

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About this Episode

People transitioning from working five days to working four are getting the same amount of work done. Joe O'Connor from the Work Time Reduction Center of Excellence discovered this when speaking with women who’d come back from maternity leave, who were being given the same amount of responsibility but for four fifths the pay.

In his discussion with Stephen, Joe posits that organisations will need to compete for new talent on quality-of-life. And at the forefront of that is reducing – not simply compressing – the amount of time we spend working.

In his work with 4 Day Global, Joe discovered that 80% output was already in place, but that it was “buried under the rubble of wasteful practices”. Digging through that rubble means putting in place ways to signpost when team members are in deep work, and focusing on the drivers of results rather than the mere amount of effort.