Episode 10

The 4 day week, with Elena Kerrigan

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About this Episode

Elena Kerrigan is the MD of Think Productive, a UK-based global company that enables organisations to reimagine how they work with productivity tools. They have helped companies as diverse as Aston Martin, American Express, Audi, Boots, GSK, Sainsbury’s and Volkswagen.

Through their courses and workshops they help organisations reclaim time from distractions, unproductive meetings and getting emails under control. This has allowed Think Productive to not only talk the talk the talk but also walk the walk.

Since 2011 they have worked a four-day week: paid for five days but only working four days.

Elena shares how they have done just that and the benefits they have experienced.

Think Productive are presently advising other UK companies who are trialling the four-day working week in 2022.